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Brain & Body Optimization

Customized Workshops with ongoing support options for a full year of impact to assure your ROI!

Guaranteed: participants will be well-engaged as they discover the why and how of optimizing wellness and performance from a brain care standpoint.  The feedback we get across the board is that my very smart attendees learned new things and, with science as the foundation, felt empowered like never before to take charge of their life experiences.

We bring together well-researched facts and practices from science, psychology, fitness, and interpersonal dynamics. With language that seems to reach people with a powerful impact, our audiences remember better what they learned and even wind up quoting me all over social media!

We CO-CREATE a yearlong program to elevate your employee performance and wellness. Workshops plus either on-demand videos, newsletter blogs, small group or 1:1 coaching both online and in-person are decided and crafted to meet your corporate goals.


Too often, they liken me to those big name "gurus" in the personal development space. Tony or Deepak, I am not...but I do guarantee an opportunity that will transform people's relationships with themselves, others, and the World around them simply by learning how to care for their brain. They will discover Healthy Control in every role they take on.

Mindset. Movement.

Restoration. Nutritional Psychology.

  • Strategies to enhance mental, emotional, and physical energy while reducing chronic stress.

  • Strategies that give people healthy control.

  • Strategies for improving social and professional collaborations.

  • Strategies grounded in science and practical in utilization.

  • Strategies that work!

Email me directly to discuss when and how our team can help yours with a customized program:

Brain & Body Optimization Customized Content

Want to help shape a healthier corporate culture? I believe in "bringing the water to the horse"!

I help top global law firms,  major hospitals, and Fortune 100 companies offer blogs on mental & physical info and tips to optimize their wellness and performance for their use in newsletters or email blasts. My firm can do the same for your company!


Offer support with the greatest reach with weekly or monthly Brain & Body Optimization blogs.  Customized to meet any pressing concerns, such as a significant event or change that impacts the corporate community,  as needed. 

Email me directly to discuss when and how we can offer customized content for your company:


]Teaming up with the incredible Bruce Eckfeldt, Executive Coach/Inc. 500 CEO/Master Facilitator to offer an experiential education to help executives discover their unlimited potential! Learn more about "Limitless Leadership":



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